Friday, October 20, 2017


Writing doesn't feel the same unless it's done on keyboards with actual keys and not just a touch screen. Feels weird actually? Been awhile since I've wrote and things have changed, yet again. I wonder how long I can actually keep up with it. Is it pulling me along? Or am I steering it towards the direction I want it to be?

I'm scared.

But who knows? Nobody. Maybe that's the key to being safe.

Been debating with myself on whether I should write for quite awhile now, still can't seem to get the answer though, always going towards extreme ends on days I experience different emotions. A little foreign I must say, this whole emotions thingy? Thought I lost it awhile back but apparently not.

Ahh, shall write when there's a proper keyboard and at a better timing than 4 in the morning I guess? Can't seem to put my thoughts into proper sentences without the sound of my fingers actually tapping onto something.

Till then.

with love, xoxo.