Saturday, July 5

#90. Father's Day Weekend

Hello my fellow earthlings, greetings from Princess Zel. *waves elegantly* Alright so I have finally ended my 3 months worth of work which brought bittersweet memories and most importantly, some time to edit this space on the net.

My Father's Day weekend was pretty fruitful since we had good food after good food. Nothing mad expensive nor super atas but just something new.

Dropped by With A Pinch Of Salt on Friday after we ended work. It used to be located in Toa Payoh's food court just below the bus interchange but they shifted to Tanjong Katong for awhile now. It was pretty crowded as there was a birthday party going on and they took up practically 2/3 of the whole place but still we managed to get a seat without waiting #goodluckhazel

My Pan-Seared Dory ($12.90) that was pretty good as the fish was juicy and the texture is just nice *thumbs up* Well the plus point was obviously the bolognese sauce as I am a crazy tomato lover so to me, nothing with tomato can ever go wrong 

Mum ordered this cheese chicken dish that I can't remember both the price and the name LOL but she did mention that it was average; nothing super fantastic but for the price it was worth it.

Dad ate the Fish Cordon Bleu that has a pretty small serving but since mum and I always end up passing parts of our food to him, he had a full dinner still. He said that it was good and he likes it so I guess overall fish wins chicken? *wriggle eyebrows*

Wasn't really all that full after my main so I ordered the Chocolate Lava Cake ($5.90). I LOVE IT SO MUCH I ACTUALLY AM CRAVING FOR IT NOW WHILE TYPING THIS. The cake has this crispy exterior and is moist on the inside, the molten chocolate is just right for the sweetness level plus the ice cream omg *drools* 

All in all, I do love the Chocolate Lava Cake a lot so I will definitely go back for that and perhaps try the other dishes too I guess. 

Location: 297 Tanjong Katong Road Singapore 437080
Telephone: 63482297

Opening hours
Mon - Thur & Sun: 11am - 11pm
Fri - Sat: 11am - 2am

Saturday was a brand new day and I was happy that it is finally here because. . 

1. I took leave for the whole day so I could act like a teen for once after what appears to be forever 



Headed to F1 pit building for ReStore 4 with Michelle and Alissa. Pushed the meeting time an hour late since it was raining and it's against my principles (LOL) to get out of bed on such lovely stay-home weather. Made up for it by buying Salted Caramel ice cream to share HAHAHAHA.

Talked a little with Tim while I was there as she got a booth and being an awesome friend like I usually am, how can I not annoy her more than I do 5 days a week? 

As inferred from the above, Tim without selfies isn't Tim.

Michelle left early but not early enough to miss #selfietime
Just realise I have to maintain my face a little..

Full shot #ootd. Credits Alissa hehehe.
Strappy sandals: twistpolka
Bag & Top: Qoo10
Shorts (curved denim hws): bkk
Earrings (chandelier drop earrings): Zalora

Ohh my hair... it's long... too long...

" What do you mean I can't snap a photo while walking in the middle of the road? "

Came home to my parcel from topazette's sale which explains the change in outfit. Loving the high waist jeggings I got at half price, so comfy omg. Selling the other pair of hws that came together though as 25" is still too big for a 24", le sighhhhh.

Dinner was simple, $7 fresh salmon sushi & caramel milk tea 70%/80% sugar with white pearl from gongcha, my ultimate love from gongcha 

Alright so finally comes Father's Day Sunday. We made a trip out to collect my hard lens only to be told that I need a new pair as my degree increased once again *sobs* but on the bright side, it's been 4 years so I guess 100 degrees on each side is acceptable. Anyway now back to topic, somehow we travelled all the way to Chinatown point for dinner.

Decided abruptly that we should dine in LaiYuLai Three-Sauce Simmer Pot as Mum realised that she bought the Groupon voucher for it awhile back.

Dad being a candy crush or monster buster addict

Mum posing for the camera cause she caught me taking an unglam shot of her and demanded for a better one hence the above. She usually would be just the same as dad, a fb game addict but she hit her 2GB data already so she had to control #firstworldpains

Greens Orange Yellow Red White all so healthy

We ordered the freestyle pot so we could choose three meats of our choice instead of using the standard options. We chose Striploin, Lamb ribs and Chicken. The meat are all marinated before they put it into the pot with the vegetables.

We decided to try the strong flavoured in-house sauce as we like our food to be flavourful rather than bland and we don't really fancy mala sauce. The waitress would stir the sauce till it turns watery enough to be poured into the pot to continue simmering with the meat and vegetables.

Dad wanted a before photo of him waiting for the food.

This is the after photo of him when it is done. so cute omg

The pot of goodness was beyond all words. Chinese cuisine still holds this special place in my heart that no others can replace.

Once you have semi finished your food or rather the meat, you can request for them to make it into a steamboat for you. This is like one of the best part of dining there as you get to continue eating something so awesome in soup form while you only pay for the price of one. Money well spent I must say.

We ordered the noodles that is to be added in when we are eating it steamboat style so that the noodles can absorb the soup and become flavourful as well. I like that the noodles are all hand pulled so the texture is just nice plus they do it in front of you, free show!!

Just the usual fruits to end off dinner. Quite a small portion was served but we were all too full by then anyway so imagine if it was the usual few slices of honeydew, oranges and cherry tomatoes, we would have wasted it.

Overall, we agreed to come back some time soon with the rest of our family as the food is good and at an affordable price for 3 pax. I personally like the service a lot as they are all very friendly and it makes me happy to dine there.

Location: Chinatown point #02-38
Telephone: 64444115

Opening hours
Mon - Fri: 11am - 3pm & 5pm - 10pm
Sat - Sun: 11am - 10pm

Ohya, did I manage that I got a new baby in June?
This baby that I am blogging with now is awesome and worth every single penny spent.
Though I am still pretty much an idiot to it but time shall prove my love hehehe.
Anyway, to show my love for my old pappy, I made a video for it. 

*15 mins later*

I have no idea why a 7 secs long video can't be processed by blogger. ._.
Will probably post it on youtube or insta some time later then.

" So we are not saying goodbye, we are saying we will see you later. "

With luv, xoxo.