Monday, May 26

#89. Samplestore ⏩⏩ Asience Treatment Hair Mask [ADV]

Have you ever experience really dry hair and can't stop the tangles from forming even though you spam conditioner? I personally have pretty bad damaged hair that can't be saved.
It all started when I was 13-14 and hate my natural wavy hair, thinking that having straight hair was the trend but boy was I wrong. I paid $60+ at that time I think and went to rebond my hair. Yes, it did give me the straight hair I was looking for but 3-4 months later my hair started to turn super dry and 'hard'. Stupid me thought that the solution to it is to get my hair rebonded again. So I went to do it once more and came the worst hair disaster ever, my hair went into an even worst state and I hated it so much I kept going back to the hair dresser to get rid of it by snapping it off.
Too bad I still have this tiny bit of love left for my hair so I didn't allow her to cut off so much each time but just at this slightly longer-than-shoulder length. Years have passed and I stopped the whole rebonding madness but what happened to my hair? It's still as frizzy as ever and it's so dry it feels like a scrub. Exaggerating? yah probably a little but you get what I mean.
Photo of my hair condition after a whole day at work or outdoors. Its really dry and frizzy with split ends due to my last hair cut being 5 months ago but that's not the point!!
Every single time after I brush my fingers through my hair, I experience hair fall due to the tangling and also poor roots that can't take the heavy weight of my long hair 😭😭

So I thought of a better solution, maybe I should just go and do treatment for it since it's cheaper. Thus I told my mum to buy some coupon online for the $30 hair treatment session at Clarke Quay a year or two back.

Ended up sitting there to nua for 45 minutes and did I get soft hair? Yup but only for a day due to my bad habit of having to wash my hair once a day. Its not really a bad habit though I always get scolded for it but just more or less a hygiene thing ok!!

So anyway, I realize I cannot afford to pay $30 each time I want soft hair that last only for a day as it would burn a huge hole in my pocket. After a long search for really pocket friendly and effective methods, I came across samplestore.

Can you guess what is inside??

Can't believe it treats hair and work as a hat as well 😝

Tadahhhh!!! None other than the Asience Hair Treatment Mask, produced specially to suit Asian hair (which btw is 1.5 times thicker than Caucasians) types with it's long lasting effect. Oh and a side note, in case you're a suaku like me, you can actually skip the whole conditioner step one days when you decide to use this product!

In case you are not aware, Asience has a complete hair care regime for different hair types and not forgetting the leave-on treatment series.

Contains natural Asian Beauty Essences: Lotus Flower, Korean Ginseng, Camellia Oil, Aloe Essence, Pearl (like high class only please) and Shell Ginger Leaf.



My really frizzy hair after a day at work and fyi, I brushed my hair before I took this photo ok and still omg IT'S STANDING EVERYWHERE!!

How to use:

• After shampooing, squeeze as much water out of hair as possible.

• Split hair in two portions and apply an adequate amount on hair, starting from the mid-section to the ends of hair.

• Leave product on for 5 minutes; rinse off thoroughly and dry hair.
• Use 1 - 2 times weekly for best results.

The next morning after I have tried the product. This is me at work and just take a look at the condition of my hair. It's so soft and tangle-free that I can't resist not running my fingers through it every 5 minutes.

+++ points: No chemical smell but instead an oriental fragrance emitted



Even after half a day at work, my hair is still tangle-free, it's so amazing that I no longer fear looking like a lion when taking close up shots.
*while stocks last*
If you think you're already in love with the product, you can go grab them in stores for yourself too! Available from June 2014 onwards at selected hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies.
P.S. It's only $18.90/180g 😉
With luv, xoxo.