Wednesday, May 21

#88. BKK DAY 1 & 2

Hello. As the title says it all, I'm FINALLY gonna blog about the bkk trip I had last year. This post is like 5 months and counting late but it's ok. We are gonna do it with style yo. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Alright so basically, I went on a 5D4N trip to bkk around the second week of Dec'13 and it was so close to being cancelled due to all the riots and what not there ๐Ÿ˜ฃ Lucky us still got to go in the end and if I'm not wrong, the situation got worst a week after we got back so phweee.

Did a blog for all my shopping and it took me quite a bit of effort ok!! Though i don't think it's good but still, a girl gotta show off when she got to right?

Actually, this is like my gazillion visit to bkk but first trip after what? 6 years? Used to dislike bkk cause it's hot and pretty dirty back then when I was younger but it's a different story now. Anyway, our flight was in the early afternoon so we took a cab to the airport and was there pretty early so we snapped photos >> ate >> walk around >> snapped photos..

xmas was coming so the airport had this rather-huge-but-not-gigantic-huge xmas tree

digesting lunch selfie HAHAHHAH

Big John
(blur cause I had to zoom in as the empty chair beside him had faulty inbuilt speakers MEH)

Kiddie Yeo 

Ahjumma Cat
(she is so killing me if she sees this HAHAAHAH)

Oh ya, this was for lunch. fml fats fats fats

VS's tease / JB's someday anyone??

Dad wanted to take a selfie ๐Ÿ˜

The right one is so funny but so true in the sense that Bran got bored of taking photos with me after a while but I just can't stop snapping even when I am walking HAHAHHAH

We took Tiger airways there I think since it's just for a couple of hours so no food needed.

BKK TOUCH DOWN woohooooo

Dad getting a cab for us to go to the hotel ~

Saga of 'can't-be-bothered-with-me-yeo' in bkk ._.


Mandarin hotel (the on we were staying in) is located within a 5 minutes walk to MBK.
Near to a MRT station and had eateries surrounding us, btw we tried & tested the food for supper HAHAHAHA yao gui aka hungry ghost

We had a TV also kay but I didn't snap a photo cause it's just TV if you know what I mean

Part 1 of dinner at MBK
Why only part 1? well cause we went to a wrong floor (4th/5th) and the 'local food' court is located directly upstairs but cause we were too hungry so we didn't bother to continue the search at that point in time. This is like the atas food court that is similar to Marche since they give you a card and you settle the bill by paying for whatever amount stored in the card before you leave.

 Anyway, we had this Mexican/Italian crepes thingy (available in chili's as well), stir fried oyster with egg (prefer sg's one more but this one got ่ฑ†่Šฝ bean sprouts so ok la half love it) and sushi that has yet to arrive when we snap the photos above. 

Went for Part 2 of dinner at MBK in the 'local' food court since my mum couldn't deal with just fusion food and since we are in bkk, how can we not eat local food? No photos of that since we were basically ordering the same things over and over again for the next few days HAHAHHA.

Went to catch hobbit 2. The tickets were mad cheap, imagining paying only $7 bucks for a night movie with premium seats? We don't get that around here in sg unless you catch a movie before 6pm with student ID or smth. Sadly, we only caught one show throughout the whole trip.

Well cons of watching a movie in bkk: you have to stand up and sing their national anthem before the movie starts, did it 6 years ago and still doing it now. Actually not that bad la since it's like just showing respect and stand for less than 3 minutes before the 3 hour long show but still, not a sg thing.

Pretty much sums up day 1 since we didn't do any shopping or anything but just nua here and there. Eat >> Eat >> Watch movie >> Sleep #lifeofapig

Now let's move on to Day 2!!!


Just part of my breakfast cause this is nicer (healthier tbh) looking than all the other 'rubbish' I swallowed ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚

cow: give me leh give me leh don't play pattern hor you *tongue out*

Went to the temple beside the hotel to pray first and we found cows!!!!! paid a little to feed them.

FINALLY started our shopping (I planned the shopping destinations for all 5 days since I'm the enthu one LOL) and first stop is Platinum Mall. Here is where Bran said that he won't buy anything but once we entered the mall he was the first one to buy stuff ._. so much for bringing only $200 sgd to bkk. At first he said it was a lot but on day 3 came a whole new story MUAHAHAHA

From the second floor up there are guy's apparels for sale together with the ladies' and at the highest level, they sell a ton of accessories at a really cheap price. Totally regretting not buying more of the rabbit ear head bands which ended up not on my head but the handle of my handbags ๐Ÿ˜ณ

Crispy noodle dish that was pretty legit even 6 years back. ๐Ÿ‘

Fish maw soup

Pig trotter with rice ❤❤ Every meal must have!!! Major love please.
 It''s like my fav food in bkk. Had this as well for Part 2 dinner in MBK. *satisfied face*

Bought this like all the time in the past and in this trip as well but the bad thing is that I don't even like to eat it, yup not even like a little but they look so cute being miniature and the colors are so vibrant, how to don't buy you tell me?? Ite, all of it ended up in Bran's stomach so yeah. ๐Ÿ˜

Shopping break. old already la bobian hor HAHAHAH Anyway this photo is deceiving as I bought like a truck load of stuff but it's all stuffed in Bran's or my dad's bag. Pampered girl is me tsktsk.

Nearly bought the alpaca soft toy back cause they are so fluffy omg but then came the whole where-got-space-in-your-room problem sigh

Wanted to buy this craftholic doll as well since mum gave me the green card but no way am I giving up my bolster for this life size soft toy. Nope never!!!!

Went back to the hotel as we had plans for the night and before packing all this away, gotta snap a photo and feel proud about it you know what I'm trying to say here?
Loots of the day: 6 bottoms 4 tops 1 dress 1 outwear a couple of accessories

Directions to our night activity Calypso @  Asiatique, basically its transgender performance show.
Two ways to go there, either by taxi to this ferry pick up point then you take ferry from there or just cab there straight. We took the cab there straight way as Mum was being damn worried about us being late ๐Ÿ˜

Killing time as we were slightly early and that is a Japanese style curtain. Bought furry slippers there but didn't take a photo of it while I was in bkk I think. Though I did post it up on my twitter. Btw, I like furry slippers because they are soft and cute that I have to step on LOL

Had high expectations of it but then it was so draggy at the half point mark and its just the same thing over and over again with slight change of performers and backdrop. Won't go back again. 
Go-able only if you are really into like oldies or super curious about trans performing.

Cute stirrer for the complimentary drinks but the boobs look weird idky

Suppose to go to patpong night market after this but we were tired and all so we decided to leave it for another day instead. Ended up with this expensive dinner that tasted so so only as I had better ones in bkk in the past so super not recommended. Bought durian from the in-house stall there and IT SUCKS. It's as though it's spoilt as it was really watery yet it cost a bomb plus recommended by the staff? hmpfh Pretty much a rip off to shop or dine in Asiatique but for the ambiance and atmosphere? Quite ok la.
Anyway we had chicken wings, some minced meat with basil that was spicy but not intolerable, stir fried squid and tom yum soup in coconut.

Last photo of day 2 before we head back to the hotel, the must-shoot-photo ferry wheel. Didn't take a ride on it though.

Anyway, this is the end of my post for Day 1 & 2 in bkk. Too many photos for 5 days to squeeze into one post so I'm splitting it up into 2/3 post depending on the amount of photos. Hope you like it! Bye.

With luv, xoxo.