Thursday, April 24

#87. Uno dos tres

Hello my wonderful earthlings HHAHAHAHHA Gonna blog about my weekend now, legit food during the 2 short days or rather just 1 since I work 6 days a week. ._. Rephrase, slack 6 days a week LOL. So anyway, found 'treasure' in my bag while I was hungry at work and too lazy to move. It was like a gift to my present self from my future self. *blingbling*

And there you have my out of place gummy bear in a pack of cola gummies. Evil bear tried to run away from his own pack HAHAHHAH shit damn lame

Too full for dinner after my late snackers & popcorn chicken lunch that I ended up skipping dinner so Mum made me tom yum & cold tofu supper. No meat I like. *thumbs up* plus tom yum I like even more *double thumbs up*

Lunch on Dad's birthday was good because it's a homecooked meal and ahma's cooking is always superb!! Well not taking broccoli and fish into consideration HAHAHAH Anyway, she made wu xiang after what felt like a decade and it's like love love love ~ ~


#andsecondlyanotherselfie LOL

My parents ignoring me as usual which explain the two photos above...


S&T as written on the Swensen's receipt, this is pretty good since there was melted cheese in the beef patty and the prawns are fresh plus not to mention big.

Complimentary Ice Cream since it's dad's birthday. Took the usual family portrait since it's someone's birthday kind of photo but it's not with me though I think it's somewhere on facebook already.

Had dinner after work at Buona's Porn's, the place was decorated like bkk style and I kind of like that place since Thai food doesn't disappoint.



So the main point of the photo isn't the rice at all but rather the elephant as I find it cute but kept calling it a pig while talking to my mum LOL

Green curry was just nice for me but dad says that it's just like drinking coconut. ._. The chicken was pretty smooth like silky one you know? HAHAHAH ok lame

I like the fried egg but prawn...not really my fav since my major love is da cong chao dan

Sambal kang kong that didn't really taste like sambal but spicness level quite there la though I not a major spicy addict if you get what I mean. LOL

Just taste like meat lo to me all the same HAHAHAHAH wts

So came lunch...

Then dinner...

And lunch again...

HAAHAHAHAH ok just a short post la though not all that short but still. Anyway side track, can't wait for this Sat as mum made reservation at this good food restaurant for dad's birthday celebration despite the Swensen's dinner. MORE BEEF BEEF BEEF die fattening ):
with luv, xoxo.