Saturday, April 19

#86. HELLO 2014

OMG SUPER BELATED POST HAHAHAHAH. Didn't manage to complete so I didn't blog it but shall complete now ok? :) Major photo spam btw.


Hi guys! It's already like what? Two weeks into 2014 and a million months since im back. YOU MISSED ME DON'T YOU!!? hehehhe. Well, im gonna do my yearly resolution and then a recap of what happened in 2013. At least a basic one that is. :)

  1. Study hard, complete assignments given and do well for As ( so dayum standard and fake but seriously super uber duper top priority of the year )  hahaha i did not really accomplish that cause obviously everyone knows that i can hardly ever complete all my assignments and as for the As's over already and whether i actually did study or did not study plus all the i have tuition for everything what bullshit, it's all in the past so im happy that my life ( not i actually have one to begin with ) is back to normal. im just happy 
  2. STOP PROCRASTINATING & BEING LATE HAHAHAHAH never will ever accomplish that i guess
  3. Save up more money instead of spending every single little bit that i have ( continual of last year's by having $2000 in bank! ) if the money given for driving is included then off you go resolution no. 3
  4. Create happy smile-y awesome memories during the hopefully last year of uniform-ed ( is this even a word? ) study life ( definitely hope i can get away with As once and for all ) 2013 has been great, not the best because it can always be improved in so many ways possible but all's well ends well
  5. Have a better complexion, body outline and better health ( continual of last year's though hazel still don't deny that she is too vain to be true and too weak to even lift weights ) shit man, i forgot this resolution existed..
  6. Enjoy a getaway with friends ( grad trip shopping trip grad trip shopping trip = grad shopping trip ) hello resolution that is never coming true till i turn 21 boohoo
  7. Spend more quality time with people around me ( came to realise that friendship and kinship is really important ) still trying my best to juggle everything but i won't give up
  8. WANT everybirdie i know to stay happy & make 2013 the best there is!! ♡♡  same as what i said the year before, tried my hardest, it may not be the very best but at least it was true
Ok so 5/8 ain't that bad right? Now its time for my 2014 resolutions.


  1. Get into a good or rather recognizable college course that I like and beneficial at the same time
  2. Following what I did not complete in 2013, STOP PROCRASTINATING & BEING LATE
  3. Go and get a part-time job or two till August and save up to 3.5k in my bank!! (SAVE>SPEND)
  4. Open an online boutique ( ok i feel like laughing at myself for hoping on this but nothing better than having a dream right, probably doing this as a past time thing since no one wants to hire a sloth ): )
  5. Continual of the resolution I forgot existed, Have a better complexion, body outline and better health 
  6. WANT everybirdie i know to stay happy & make 2014 the best there is!! ♡♡ 

Is it me or my resolutions are getting shorter and shorter each year?

Now, time to recap on 2013..


Grandma's 77th birthday

First photo on first day of school with Nicole

OGL training and my first time ever in rono house tee

Hello sushi date with Esther and Ting

Belated celebration for Heng which was rather epic cause I met her on the bus on my way there from school before one of the usual ogl training and the rest were like delay her delay her. HAHAHA memories.


First photo of original OG22

Bran got jealous after I took a photo with wk and not him.. AAHAHAHHA

During dance practice with my fav camper of all time.

After hamper packing with OG22

During games?

Full Leo family photo

My awesome partners. *sending virtual love*

The shameless during dance practice

The girls from OG22


One of those bonding with your junior class thingy whereby Joy and I end up going shopping due to this sportswear vendor coming over, oh my pretty pink fbt HAHAHAHAH

All time fav, you're irreplaceable

Well I cooked korean rice cake on my own for the first time in my life *insert proud face*

One day trip to Malaysia for the first time

Completed cross country with Nicole and end up bruising my poor toe ):

Joysoy the winner with her medal that I guess is misplaced somewhere in her house now HAHHAH


ohhh those random days

Supporting the soccer girls with the Leo family


the bad result duo back in school for mandatory self studying session that is anything but productive. MEH


Cousin came over to visit

Brought my cousin to bugis after a trip to river safari


Super yummy midnight snack sis bought from US


First Korean bbq with Ziwei and Mich at Chinatown

Another visit to Malaysia for my prom dress hunt


Hello awesome weekend, early birthday gift from Dad, so very extremely awesome

oh and did I tell you that I met @badgirlriri? well you missed out a whole lot for not being there.


Just a random shot of my fav hotel since young...

Surprise visit to USS with Bran and it was my first time there in broad daylight HAHAHAH


My last day of school..wait or is it november?

The pretty Steph who had been an awesome friend all the way from the start *send virtual hug*


First job with bran after As which is like the next day but we had fun so all is well.


Birthday surprise from bran. awwww.

My girls came to surprise me, which is another thing planned by bran.
Do note the guy that photobombed us like nicely in the center of the six of us. *facepalm*

My prince and his princess hehehehe.

My all so awesome class which I know I will miss at some point in life.

Another trip to Malaysia, I think we stayed there the night before and I was sick lo!! LIKE STRAIGHT AFTER PROM I WAS SICK. #fml #lifeofhazel #sosad


After a whole Saturday worth of shopping therapy

Just us being us HAHAHAHAH

Last day of 2013 at Dessy's place with S25 and Bran

with luv, xoxo.