Sunday, June 30

#85. Thrift shop

MAJOR VISUAL UPDATES. shucks, it's been what? Two months? Three months? Okayyyy, my blog totally hates me and this space is collecting dust but nobody cares, how sad. ): Ohwell, let's see the top 5 of 'what-else-is-wrong-in-my-life' right now.

  1. Losing my sanity
  2. Going cray any minute now
  3. Screwing up ct2
  4. Number 3
  5. Number 4
Hey wait, 1 and 2 are the same as well. Wow, my life is boring. /yawn/ Shall do a post about my river safari and sea aquarium date as soon as I get the photos out of my camcam. And oh my pretty header. HAHAHAHA. Anyway, the photo alignments are pretty messed up like seriously but it's still worthy. kthxbai.

Road Race; completed my 4km walk. *self pats*

Dad's birthday dinner @ Holland V

random homework sunday

soccer match take 1

soccer match take 2

date with @AwesomeZiWei

virgin marble slab try. /drools/

with luv, xoxo.