Thursday, March 7

#84. Shining bright like a diamond

OMG HI GUYS. :* :* double post in a week omg i put so much effort into blogging as compared to studying HAHAHAHAHHA. February was semi good semi bad. MEHHHHHH.

  • Mum's birthday 
  • Gossip session with le clique
  • Orientation 2013
  • Chinese New Year
  • Valentine's Day
  • Tried sogurt
  • Sushi buffet date with da girls
  • Drama fest

  • Had a bad week ( can you believe being (-)ve for seven days straight omg )
  • Thought i lost my econs lecture notes but now i have two sets *damn fail much*
  • Busy weekdays
  • Torturous weekends 
  • Favorite tumler cracked </3
  • Severe case of post orientation depression
  • Screwed up Maths test
  • Headaches 24/7

Bad vs Good, draw, omg where is the logic in this!!?!? HAHAHAHA. Ok, so orienation as stated in the previous post is seriously by far the BEST memories ever in my JC life, no regrets. *thumbs up* Went for good food on mum's birthday + together with the sushi buffet with da girls - slacking in pe = fats. T_T OMG JUST STAB SELF OLEHDI. Chinese New Year was great, reunion dinner with dad's dual family, mum's side and gathering with dad's friends, omg it sounds so fruitful but actually, im even happier i get to sleep a lot during cny though i should be catching up with work and all but tbh, work can wait or perhaps work must wait. HAHAHAHAH, so #hazelstyle sia, hashtag hashtag omg HAHAHHA.

Valentine's day was....oh well, if you know it you know it, if you don't know it then you must be a starfish. oppsie daisies. Really thankful for the gifts i received and didn't have to buy present for myself to look less lonely this year. HAHAHAHAAHHA. Chehhh, i never actually did buy myself valentine's gift to look less lonely but maybe i should start to right, another reason to spend money on myself without feeling guilty. heheheehhe.

On the other hand, at first i thought i lost my econs lecture notes so i went to buy a totally new set the next day but who knows, @bayaya_ found it and so i became from having none to having two within an hour, money fly away much. ): On the other hand, dramafest'13 was gooooood, had a great laugh, good job everyone, especially leo members plus @Rockrebels @kohhuijuan, love you guys. :* ohya, ask me something on leh omg le so boredddd. ):

with luv, xoxo