Saturday, March 2


Finally here to clear spiderwebs, omg its been a month ( and still my omg-ing habit for everything is not gone ), i swear blog, i missed you so much. ): February has been a busy month but still, orientation 2013 beats everything else. ( more photos up on facebook )

Can you imagine someone signing up for orientation, go for selection test, sit through long hours of  'talks' on icebreakers and team building games by Sufian ( sorry ah, Sufian my friend HAHAAHAHAH ) in the LN, survive swiss camp, get 'chosen' ( omg sounds so holy ) by the heads and assistant heads of LEO, learn up to a million dance steps, design their very own OG board , come up with house cheers,  go through dry runs for practically everything, deal with 20 over J1s ( i have this bad habit of calling them my kids for no apparent reasons LOL ) and till today still am in the orientation fever?

Training for orientation is fun, definitely memorable and yes its tiring but do i regret? No. You can't actually regret something that brings you so much memories and so many new friendships. Yes i know, i should have spent those long hours on studying instead given my shitass results and lousy brain power or what so ever but aiya come on la, seriously bro, YOLO. HAHAHHAHAH. Nobody except OGLs ourselves would understand the hard work and dedication we put into making this whole thing work, it looks easy, it seems easy, it appears easy but no, its so dang it hard that sometimes we would just feel like giving up yet we brought it that far, too sweet to not be true don't cha think? :* :*

Leo tio photobomb moment 

Really am thankful to LEO for playing a huge part in this whole event, we stood by each other, teased each other, the laughter we brought to each other when dancing, out dinner dates, all those gossips, all the inside jokes we had plus the bond we built along the way, it makes everything so worth it.  Words can't even describe how much i missed those times we spend together.


Lastly, my love of orientation, OG22. I don't ever think that they would get to see this but i've got to admit, I tried my best at being a good OGL, therefore im sorry if it wasn't good enough but trust me, i love you guys so much. Seeing you guys have so much fun during amazing race, chanting OG22 everywhere we go, having so much fun at the MacD game, choosing long john for every forfeit, playing truth or dare, having so much laughter whenever you guys are dancing, go crazy during JJ night and being so cooperative all the time. :') Now i can finally understand how Asyraf and Izzah felt last year, that happiness coming from within. Hope you guys like the card though, it isn't a lot but it says a lot.

" you can't forget something so pleasant to settle for something less "

with luv, xoxo.