Saturday, January 26

#82. Sweet, sugar, candyman

Orientation training everyday, so exhausted, always plank once i get home but worth the time spent. I love Leo, so much so much, especially @alissaongsq. ☆〜(ゝ。∂)I always mess up here and there plus complaint about this and that but still, I really do love Leo. :* :*  lets hope orientation will be an awesome one, let's go Leoooo let's go! *clapclap*v(^_^v)♪

On a side note, school was shit, wait, its still shit, yup, nothing changed. Maths test was crap but pe was fun, at least for once there isn't any running, mercy given to my poor legs.(^ν^)Ohh and on the other side of the note, the wedding dinner I attended on Saturday was fun, met a friend there and did some catching up, so much memories, awwwwww. Well, this year's chinese new year is gonna be big.


idky but this is funneh X1000

with luv, xoxo.