Thursday, January 17

#81. that sincere kiss which turned into lies

Hiiiiiiiii. School drained me of all possible energy. It's been really long since I'm THIS exhausted and weak. OMG, to think that its only been two weeks and already I'm psycho-ing myself to skip school which I have got to admit is going pretty well at this point in time. (^∇^)Suppose to blog like now and then but well, i basically just plank once i reach home, homework are like the second in priority now, which explains all the undone work and overdue tutorials. MEH. (-。-;) On a brighter side, I got myself a planner like oh so dayum finally and went for sushi buffet, kay just made myself guilty for eating so much again, all those fats. ( i _ i )

with luv, xoxo.