Sunday, January 6

#80. 2013, chapter 1 of 12

Hey ho! Well, this is my first post for 2013 so HAPPY NEW YEAR sweeties! xx & guess what! HAHAHAHAH. Bet you already know this from above but still, imma say it, did a vlog and its the first of 2013 as well!! ^-^ Ok, so imma do the usual resolutions and all but before that, we shall see whats my resolution for last year and cancel away those which is completed!

My 10 2012 Resolutions ( doing it for the first time ever!! ) :
  1. Get satisfying O level results ( too late for that because exam is over but miracles do happen ) ok happy girl is happy for this did indeed happen, though R5 wasn't really satisfying but guess its good enough! ^-^
  2. Keep a bright smile on the ugly face 24/7 365 its not bright but well, its good enough :D
  3. Save up more money instead of spending every single little bit that i have ( $2000 in bank by end of year! )
  4. Get into a great JC / poly ( still have to study even though world might end what!! ) don't really know if JJ is good or not and whether i made the right choice but i guess i can live with what i have
  5. Make new true friends & also keep in contact with those i have now ( i also human, will get lonely and need people to talk to right! ) say hi to tingting nic wong joytoheaven baobaoen etc and those who i still keep in contact with; tintin wxy doubleupdoubleu lim heng fu etcetc ( they might kill me for spelling their name this way but who cares swag )
  6. Good working environment & colleagues for any future jobs ( i scared kana bully / left out can anot T.T )
  7. Get a boyfriend, maybe a year or two older than me ?? ( people lonely ma, sad right, ok la, joking but ya know, having a boyf ain't bad but being single is also the sweetest thing ever, anyw its just a thought nothing much, will fulfill if fate permits. ) omfg what was i thinking at that time, seriously omg *facepalm a million times*
  8. Have more readers for my blog, followers on twitter / tumblr & more questions on formspring ( *winkwink* pleaseplease. ) think i did? gotta continue to work hard at it though. *winkwink* erm, P.S. i left my tumblr there to rot with its boreng template and all so if you would kindly be a nice soul, join hazel at rn! 
  9. Have a better complexion and body outline ( hazel don't deny that she is too vain to be true )
  10. WANT everybirdie i know to stay happy & make 2012 the best there is!! ♡♡ tried my hardest, it may not be the very best but at least it was true

Soooooo, that which you read was my 10 2012 resolution and definitely three cheers to myself for striking off 6 of them. Woooooooooots. Couldn't save up much money because i didn't work therefore, spending more than i have. ): Gained weight instead of losing even a gram, wow hurtful much. </3

  1. Study hard, complete assignments given and do well for As ( so dayum standard and fake but seriously super uber duper top priority of the year )
  3. Save up more money instead of spending every single little bit that i have ( continual of last year's by having $2000 in bank! )
  4. Create happy smile-y awesome memories during the hopefully last year of uniform-ed ( is this even a word? ) study life ( definitely hope i can get away with As once and for all )
  5. Have a better complexion, body outline and better health ( continual of last year's though hazel still don't deny that she is too vain to be true and too weak to even lift weights )
  6. Enjoy a getaway with friends ( grad trip shopping trip grad trip shopping trip = grad shopping trip )
  7. Spend more quality time with people around me ( came to realise that friendship and kinship is really important ) 
  8. WANT everybirdie i know to stay happy & make 2013 the best there is!! ♡♡

P.S. was googling about new year resolution and came across this Top Ten New Year's Resolutions and guess what i saw? Spending quality time with family members and friends is the first, to quit smoking, drinking , get out of debt, enjoy life more is actually in the top ten as well. Anyway, for people like me who has really shitass geog skill, Pittsburgh is the second-largest city in U.S. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, after Philadelphia ( according to wiki ).

with luv, xoxo