Friday, December 14

#77. Live while we're young

Hi i turned 17 on the 4th and my blog turned 1 on the 4th as well. My getaway was less of shopping and more of nagging reminding scolding black-face and back to nagging again. I swear i don't hate this trip but it could have been better. Didn't get to keep a copy of the photos taken using the cam on my comp so mehhhh, only photos from my phone then. Sorry if the photos aren't aligned. Feeling like crap right now, i always feel like crap for no apparent reason. Maybe i should revamp my blog and blog more often. I realise i suck at blogging and suck at taking pretty pictures, no wonder i make it to nowhere in life.
" If you love someone, your heart is walking around outside your body. Easier to get hurt, easier to get disappointed. "

with luv, xoxo.