Sunday, December 2

#75. Tried to walk

Wednesday night was shit, damn right shitty. Guess my week is pretty bad after all. Missed class chalet, le sighhhhhh. Caught rise of guardians with @DoubleUPdoubleU instead of pitch perfect due to those front row seats. :@ I feel that rise of the guardians is actually pretty good, a few hilarious parts, cute characters and all but slightly dull at some parts. Oh well, those childhood memories. awwwww. (@⌒ー⌒@) Jack frost is really handsome though, like a really handsome cartoon character in the movie. HAHAHAHAHHA. Okay, go and view my vlog at the bottom like RIGHT NOW! :* :*

My getaway is omg like FINALLY here. SIX MORE HOURS! OHHYEAAA. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))  So here's a vlog for you!! ≧∇≦ I did it awhile back though, forgot to upload and all. :b I guess its pretty short as compared to those long naggy ones i do in the past. HEHEHEHEHE. Hope you like it! ^-^ anyway, do you remember what's on the 4th? *wink*

with luv, xoxo.