Wednesday, November 28

#74. The wings are meant to fly

ITS THE HOLIDAYSSSSSSS. SWEEEEEEEET. :* :* Last week was pretty good, swiss camp was awesome, 3 cheers to group 2! Really looking forward to #orientation2013 now, #teamLEO! ^-^ Not much plans made for this holiday, gotta study even though school just ended. *shake head* I use to whine here and there when there is ogl training even though i voluntarily signed up for it but now that i got to know that we would have zero training throughout the holidays, omg i feel so lonely. T_T Its funneh how J1 year just ended and im already dreading J2. LAWLS. Great dinner on the last day of school though, awesome Japanese food at wcp but damn its exp. /: Gave up on my red dawn movie date and met @alissaongsq instead since she is heading to cambodia. Bumped into @AwesomeZiWei along the way and she came over to my crib. Went to hatched ytd with @joytoheaven @smoketoflames @baobaoen before heading to town for my colored extensions, did purple this time but less neon-ish. Photog CIP is coming to an end which is pretty good i guess but then again, less time to bond with the other members now. T_T Caught breaking dawn part 2 with @AwesomeZiWei earlier on at Jcube and its so...... Nothing left to look forward to now, booohooo.

awesome swiss camp 2012

with luv, xoxo.