Friday, November 16

#73. I knew you were trouble

Back to school week. Omo. Had a self proclaimed week long holiday due to OP and slacked it away. Parents were away on 'honeymoon' so partayyyyyyyyye. Shopping with @Ju_ith @DoubleUPdoubleU, MacD breakfast date with @Ju_ith, bugis with @smoketoflames @joytoheaven @baobaoen, laoban with @baobaoen, saizeriya with @AwesomeZiWei and sushi date with @alissaongsq @DoubleUPdoubleU that allowed me to see my fav bro. It's been long, two years? Missed him xx. Week well spent I must say! ^-^ Wait, taking into account OP and PW file submission, I think I screwed up... Consequences of not putting effort into PI and EOM plus lacking points in Q&A during OP. *stabself* On the bright side, loads of furry panda inspired stuff at home now, earmuffs caps gloves, its so furry omg, so comfyyyyyy. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

with luv, xoxo