Sunday, November 11

#72. Halloween Night 2 @ USS

Sorry i know im posting this really late, didnt manage to complete for close to three weeks. T~T

Yessss my Friday night was FANTASTICALLY AWESOME, had fun with @alissaongsq @RattleUrbone_ @thengchew. Really lucky to be able to complete all three haunted houses and also take two rides, taking into consideration the large amount of crowd and long waiting time. Credits for photos at the bottom.

So met @alissaongsq at cg at 4+ and trained to Vivo but walked to yoshinoya and settled our dinner instead, so crowded everywhere!! (´・_・`) didn't manage to get any cheapo halloween stuff at Daiso so head over to RWS earlier, best idea made! Got our 5bucks devil headband and found a large number of humans sitting outside the entrance waiting to enter USS like its some GSS outlet. LOL. THEN FREAKY MUSIC OF THOSE DOLLS SHOW WITH EVIL LAUGHTER AND SCREAMS STARTED PLAYING. panicking like siao back then, totally #stabself at that moment.

Went to these places accordingly and got to admit it was a good plan.

  1. Insanitarium ★★★★★☆
  2. Revenge of the mummy ★★★★★☆
  3. Bizarre Bazaar ★★★☆☆☆
  4. Death alley ★★★★☆☆
  5. Transformer the ride ★★★★★☆
  6. Total Lockdown ★★★★☆☆
  7. Dungeon of the Damnation ★★★★★☆
  8. House of Dolls ★★★☆☆☆

① Insanitarium : home to the criminally insane aka mental hospital
This is the haunted house which is at the furthest end of USS as compared to the other two and @alissaongsq force me to run there like WTF. But we only queued for less than 30 minutes to enter so i guess i can't blame her. heheheheh. (*゚▽゚*) Anyway, we met with zombies on the way and this group of girls in front of me screamed but its not even 5 minutes since we entered USS. LAWLS. (。-_-。) The view during the wait wasn't bad though, waterworld ~ Creeped out once i hear screaming from inside. OMFG i thought im going to faint, totally freaky but worth the thrill. Its pretty stuffy both inside and outside while waiting. There are many different rooms on the inside but which makes it a long path but each room is different and scary in its own ways and yes i screamed. LOLOL. (。-_-。)

Revenge of the mummy
Well this is a ride not the haunted house and the wait took only 5 minutes like ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!?? The only thing troublesome was the part that you have to put your bags in the locker, made a lazy bum like me walk even more than i should! ψ(`∇´)ψ The ride was fun even though we were at the last row but then again, its roller coaster in the dark, not much different in front or behind i guess. Look damn epic when our photos were taken during the ride.(゚д゚lll) #facepalm

Bizarre Bazaar : freaks and monsters thrive on human sacrifice in the market place of tortured souls
This is just a scare zone located directly outside the mummy ride, not really scary but there were performances along the way, kiasu people like us didn't stop to watch though. ): There were walking mummies ( idk why but this sounds weird ) and yayyyyy we managed to snap a photo! (≧∇≦)Wood carts from the olden days has fake corpse on them and also scorpions on stick etc was displayed. GROSS. Ohya there was fire here and there too, i was so afraid i would burn my hair you know. (。-_-。) ok bimbo hazel. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Death alley : chinese themed haunted 'house'
The wait for this was pretty long, about an hour to an hour and a half but there were ceiling fans so its not really stuffy and the queue was moving pretty quickly plus there were railings to lean on also, totally a must for lazy people like me! (@⌒ー⌒@) Met some JJ people there though. The thing about this haunted 'house' is that its outdoors so its not scary in terms of decorations but disgusting in terms of the dissection of body parts thats being displayed. EWWWW GROSS. There was a lot of smelly fog and also water that was sprinkled but till now i have no idea why is there water. LOL. There was a lot of turns that has to be made and the zombie would suddenly jump out to scare us but its the same thing throughout so not much kick after awhile since you can actually see where they hide once they scare those in front of you. LAWLS. ( ̄д ̄;) Still i screamed la, yes i know like i say not scary but still scream, aiya cut me some slack kkay. ^-^

Transformer the ride
OK I SWEAR I HATED THE TWO HOURS LONG WAIT but the few short minutes of the 4D effect was worth it, totally awake after the ride. ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ The waiting rooms was air-conditioned with non-workable machines for you to meddle with and there was this storyline being played on the displayed teevees but still two hours!!!?! Stoned for more than half of the time we waited, totally exhausted from the waiting not the screaming. Nearly fell asleep zzz. (。-_-。) By the way, we look idiotic in the 4D glasses, so big omg. Managed to get the first row seats and the screen is just in front of us, as though we are really in the battlefield. Can't deny its so much better than 3D effects. Ohya and its a mini roller coaster, just w/o the upside turns but a falling experience, if ya know what i mean. heheehheehhe.(≧∇≦)

Total Lockdown : radiation poisoned zombie filled in helicopter crash site
This is a place that is pretty cool because its a really long stretch of route thus lots of zombies, there was this huge teevee broadcasting about the crash and its hard to miss, really. You can see people in pilot uniforms, gas mask and of course injured people that are mentally unstable as usual. LOL. Totally screaming like siao and the more you scream, the more they chase you WTF. ψ(`∇´)ψ Something epic happened though, i was screaming like mad and suddenly this person walk towards me so I started screaming again. LAWLS. But who knows, it's actually a worker that is relatively short ( not being judgemental la ) and she show the WTF face like seriously. @RattleUrbone_ laugh like mad la zzz. (。-_-。) Ohhh and there was this zombie that came in between me and @alissaonsq while we were walking plus he is 'nice' enough to say hello hence i turned to face him but in return get the shock of my life. #notcool

Dungeon of Damnation : lair of the undertaker who reaps each tortured souls aka HELL
Well, the wait for this was slightly less than an hour so i guess its pretty ok given the the good comments, but the queue is in the outdoors with no fan or what therefore, sweat like mad. (。-_-。) This haunted house was the scariest of them all, seriously bloody creepy or rather disgusting actually. Once you enter, there is like this mini fire show and you have to cross a bridge before this Y-shaped path appear, well they both end up in the same destination but its just to see which side the hidden zombie come out from and lucky hazel is lucky, she didn't get shock by the zombie unlike @RattleUrbone_ but all she did was scream. #bitchslap HAHAHAHAHAH. So we crossed this pathway in a single lane with a bunch of fake bloody hands on the wall which is damn freaky given the atmosphere of the whole place FML. ( ̄д ̄;) Walked pass this whole stretch of long hair skulls and suddenly this zombie fell from the ceiling WTS, totally jumped up with @thengchew zzz. (。-_-。) Walked on maggot like texture floor which is actually super strong sponge and through this walkway with walls squeezing you like hamburger. Ended with this 3-dimension space travel effect thing and the bridge would sway along with it, totally woahhhhh woahhhh all the way not because it's cool or what, NOOOOO, it just feels like you will fall anytime.(゚д゚lll)Covered my ears 99.99% of the time and cant wait to leave the place. ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ=3=3=3 HAHAHAAHAHAHHAH. Totally in state of shock after this omg. Ohya, @RattleUrbone_ got shocked by a zombie that suddenly appear ( like again ) and he jumped up, like really jumped up, WTF HILARIOUS HAHAHAHAHAHH.

House of Dolls : shadow of the puppet master's sinister factory
This is actually at the entrance and its a scare zone but we kinda skipped it because we are kiasu people that ran all the way to insanitarium as written above. Totally drained from dungeon of damnation and just skipped this whole thing but still took a glance as we walked pass and its CREEEEEEEEPY. Dolls are already creepy on its own but yet needles and everything with it? So totally chucky style have anot omg. Should have queue up to take a group photo with the puppet master but the queue is looooooong ya know. T_T

Ok, so we left earlier than expected, USS closed at about 1+ in the morning that day as compared to the usual 12mn but we were too tired i guess. So overall, its money well spent, should have bought the express pass actually, could have shorten the waiting time but so much but still, we manage to go to all the goooooood rides and all the haunted house, erm maybe not the human cylon ride i guess, weeeeeeeell, too shock by everything to be mentally prepared to continue screaming. HAHAHAHAAHAHHA. Come to think of it, the express queue for that day was really really short, only need to queue for 10 minutes for the dungeon of damnation and close to straight away entering the insanitarium, omg. Didn't get to buy my vodka jello nor any blood bag ( they are drinks thats red or rather orange-y ), so no fun right but heard that it doesn't taste really fantastic after all. HAHAHAHAHHAH.

some tips for you guys in future :

1. Please do not wear thick make up or even heels there, you would be damn tired from all the waiting and also ruin your make up with all the sweat and water and once again, sweat. Advisable to bring a portable fan like kiasu hazel, fully utilising it that night.

2. The devil horns and eyes-popped-out headbands are cute and the blinking lights are really pretty plus there are many colours to choose from but it keeps slipping down that night and its kinda annoying that i just take it off when in the haunted house and we cant even wear it in the death alley, so sadddddd.

3. Don't run from the zombie or better still, don't even run because they would freaking chase you and put in more effort to scare you, therefore, say hi to them when they try to scare you, you can totally see them dao you. HAHAAHAHHAHAHAH.

4. To complete all the haunted house and still have spare time on hand, go to the haunted house at the furthest first because everyone always fly to the haunted house that is the nearest to the entrance or crowd around the scare zone to take failed photos ( the zombie hardly stays still ) hence the haunted house at the furthest from the entrance is basically pretty empty.

alright, this is the end of my longlong post. :* :*

with luv, xoxo.