Sunday, September 23

#69. Special number special day

I should actually be studying or something since its the last few days before promos but NOOOOOO, I just had to do everything anything but touch the books. LAWLS. Probably my final post before promos. Σ(・□・;)Haven't been blogging much and bet that my readers ( which i actually think i have none but must act like i do ) have all jumped to somebody else's blog already. )-: hate to say goodbye like this even though I WILL be back but still, a goodbye is a goodbye. Lesighhhhh. Forgot about the fact that it's the start of term 4 because everything is so damn stressful these days, all those test and tutorials, I'm not a robot ya know. (。-_-。) I feel so stress and so tired from being tired but what can I do right? I'm screwing up my promos anyway, what difference do anything make now? On the bright side, JJ had a really fail fire alarm and everyone was hiding under their own umbrellas out in the field. epic much. My photos aren't actually aligned and i tried my best already but apparently my best is never good enough...

with love, xoxo