Friday, September 14

#68. the sky is now our point of view

Hey gaise. *wave like some mad bitch* Didn't blog for quite awhile, will make it up to you okie!! :* :* Gotta work my ass off for promos that is coming in 14 days or so, holy shit. Gotta get all my E S U into at least Ds, kinda gave up on econs though, feels as though i got hit by a truck whenever im reading notes about market structure. MEHHHH. Anyway, imma post about something that relates to all of us today.

So i guess everyone is studying their ass off for Ns Os As promos EOY etc except for poly kids right. )-: Jelly much but ohwell, hang in there guys. :-) Ok back to topic. Just kinda wonder if anyone of you knows how to actually study like really focus kind of study and absorb stuff, not those type whereby you study today and remember just to spill everything out onto the paper tomorrow and forget the day after. Well even though the only two major exams i have been through are PSLE and Os but i guess i can give some tips right? or rather study methods i guess. :-)

GET INTO THE MOOD. yes this sounds weird like omg im also not doing anything epic or what need get into what mood la but trust me, unless your mind is clear of thoughts you would get so bothered that you can't study. Its kinda like imagining highway tracks in your mind with the busy traffic going on 24/7. How you study sia you tell me!!!?? Therefore, its important to get into the mood by clearing everything outta your head, well you can try a little bit of psycho-ing to tell yourself that you have to study like two days before you actually start studying? Its like a goal you have to reach and thus you will work harder to reach. :-)

DISTRACTIONS. Two biggest distractions are actually noise and gadgets ( hp and comp ). Tbh, social media is bloody sit annoying and time consuming. Ever tried spending all those hours you are awake on gaming, shows, youtube, twitter, facebook, online shopping, blogger and tumblr etc? In the end you only feel tired from staring at the screen for so long and not accomplishing anything other than warming the chair because your attention seeking butt was stuck onto it all this while. Have some determination people, put away those distractions, lock it up throw it away or maybe just bury it somewhere, just do anything that can keep you from like getting so hooked up to it till you have no idea how much time has passed.

The next thing is noise aka music. I love music and i believe it does wonders but NO, it does not help you study. Its like another huge distraction that keep your mind from working properly in terms of studies. Have you ever tried listening to 'As long as you love me' while you study something like 'Paul has three apples while Peter has five' those type of stuff which requires reading and thinking. The next thing you know, you will only be singing 'as long as you lololololove me'. POINT PROVEN. Its not like everyone can multi task ya know, sometimes i think im overworking my brain while i try to multi task even though i always fail badly at it which in the end mess up both things im doing. LOL. There is 24 hours a day, there must be some other time for you to listen to your songs, why must it be when you are studying? Im not trying to sound like some scientist with an oversized brain who has done experiment on this, NO, i just know that music and studying kinda doesn't go well when mixed together, like how tata sauce is mixed with ketchup, OMG WEIRD.

METHODS TO STUDY. Most people like me would like to do their own notes by referring to the notes that are already given. It's kinda like a waste of time sometimes cause I became a photocopier and just directly copied everything all over again. LAWLS. Well maybe its better to just copy the main points and do a mind map, be it a sloppy one or an A+ one, it doesn't really matter ya know, as long as when you look at it you feel like you spent those time doing something productive, it works. I have got this superstition that if i write my own notes and place it under my pillow when i sleep, the information would remain in my head. ITS REALLY JUST A SUPERSTITION but it helps to make me feel confident for the paper so i guess its a pretty good thing then.

One last thing, studying with a group of friends is definitely a good thing cause they can help to clarify your doubts BUT don't do it if you are actually spending more time talking away than studying, won't it actually defeat the purpose? Its always tempting to spend more time with friends outside and all so even if its of no help to study in groups, there is no will to stop it but there is always time for fun and always time for study, make wise choices.

Alright all, i gotta mug hard now. Formspring! ^-^

" may the odds be ever in your favor "