Sunday, September 2

#67. Push to the finish

Last week of school, nothing much happened actually. Same shit different week. Pissed off our MT teacher by being late and messed around with the visualized afterwards. Collected my photog shirt 'Keep calm and just shoot'. Had a four hour chem tutorial whereby I absorbed nothing except the fact that my jacket isn't thick enough to withstand the super cold air-con. MEHHH. Teacher's Day celebration was pretty nice but still prefer JVS's, brought my bby to school. :* :* Had fun during aces day dance although i hated it at the start. :b Head back to JVS and met a few teachers before going for lunch at bbtea to reminisce old times.(^ω^)Went to OC MIYOC with @alissaongsq after that and got great buys! Had Sho Teppan for dinner and I'm happygirl95. Caught imperfect at the cinema earlier on, kinda like it, not gonna comment much. :-) Kinda regret not going to MIYOC again ytd after tuition. )-: ohwell.

bought it for 14bucks @ Miyoc
bought it for 17bucks @ Miyoc
my all time favorite :* :*

with luv, xoxo.