Sunday, August 26

#66. I am gonna be the next big thing

Gotta get into the study mood real soooooon, promos in just thirty days max and I'm here wasting my life away. GOT TO BLOODY WAKE UP. Lost in almost everything yet have to make do with it. What happen to 'I will really study hard' at the start of the year? What happen to 'I will make this year different'? PUT UP A GOOD FIGHT.

Had a busy week though, so much stuff going on with so little time.(;_;)The three day weekend feels as though its just one day and that totally suck. MEHHHHH. Forever with the feel to skip lessons but when I actually skip lessons, I catch no balls throughout the next tutorial. (-。-;) Last week of school for @baobaoen and now she must be enjoying her holiday in Korea, jelly much. )-: Hectic term three with four more study days to go before its 'study-your-holiday-away' week, shall make it count. :-)