Friday, August 17

#64. Im waiting here all alone

Had a great Friday, went for PW interview in the afternoon at SAVH and was asked to wear full uni thus sweating like mad when it isn't even necessary. (-。-;) Lepak at yuhua Mac as it was still early, meet up @FuZhaoRong @AwesomeZiWei with @alissaongsq at JCube. Spammed photos and did a vlog. :* :* Cant upload the photos yet as its still in @FuZhaoRong's lappy. )-: Shit happens at the bridge and life goes on. Cousin bro came over to visit before heading to Aussie for holiday and he brought the bbyboy along ( the one I kept talking about on twitter due to excitement like a pedo ). Spammed photos of him that adds up to be enough to make a full album. LAWLS. But still, Damon is toooo cute.(≧∇≦)
The four and a half day of holiday weekend is clearly much shorter than a five school day week and it dowsnt even make sense.
Lessons as usual, life goes on. Always having a good talk with @Yolanderrr and cause me to laugh like mad. Ohya, finally getting something out of econs other than dd ss, HATE MARKET STRUCTURE. t ( -_- t ) Chem SPA was pretty alright, had pretty bad time management though, gotta work on that. )-: Just receive news that I am not able to go to HongKong for OELP because of the screwed criteria and my results, sorry if I have to say this but nabei, so much for trying to make my JC life better. ψ(`∇´)ψ Shall clam down by showing you guys my invisible ink treatment photos that has my chio face. HAHAHAHAHA. Ok, time for some run-away-from-reality therapy session. Did my best to align the photos but i guess its just now meant to be. )-: will blog something interesting sooooon!