Friday, August 10

#63. I stopped being the way you want me to be

Slacky weeeeeek. School for two days only ~ shit happened and life goes on, forever can't remember what I wanna post. LAWLS. Got pangseh by @smoketoflames cause she bo jio to skip school together! ( *`ω´) All the houses put up a good performance though, proud of JJ. Had fun with @AwesomeZiWei after celebrations and swear I was dead afterwards. HAHHAHAHAHAH. Lepak the day away on National Day by heading to Malaysia and went for INVISIBLE INK HAIR TREATMENT. (⌒-⌒; ) I suck at photo alignment. Mehhhh. Ask me something please!!

kinda like this. ohwell. :-)

Something @thengchew did to annoy me. Meh
unpaid milo CF with @joytoheaven @bayaya_

With luv, xoxo.