Monday, August 6

#62. gangnam style your life

Ohlaaaaa ~ HAHHAAHHA. People like me blog in class ~ 24/7 hacking the Wifi in school #likeaboss v(^_^v)♪ Skipped school on Monday and sleep in till 1pm, just one word, SHIOK. Same routine everyday, well technically I forgot what happen. LAWLS. Missed Miyoc's opening on Tuesday due to Exons essay but lazy hazel is forever lazy, didn't even touch the essay at the end. #facepalm Hate the three hours chem lesson, totally daydreaming with @bayaya_ (´・_・`) Had an eventful Friday, by visiting Miyoc cause I was secretly killing myself for not going on Tuesday. T_T Surprisingly, saw @JasmineLHQ working, it's been a long time, lublub. :* :* Get free Instagram sticky by liking @StickSingapore on Instagram ok!! Major photospam ahead, bye ~