Thursday, August 2

#61. Smile on your face even if your heart is frowning

Have got the urge to post so here im, been posting a lot lately eh. A lot of stuff is running through my mind these days perhaps because its August already, have to really decide on what i want in life and in everything else. There is only one chance and if you lose it, you're never gonna get it back.

Justin Bieber's #ALAYLM ( As long as you love me ) video which reached 4M views in 24 hours and shit got serious cause this video here is damn A.W.E.S.O.M.E #nojoke I watched it for like three times today. HEHEHEHE You won't regret it since there is a story behind it, making it become a little movie plus the song is damndamn catchy. OMGOMG. so hawt. :* :* 

MBLAQ's Its war MV. I know its been online for awhile now but i only finished their hello baby series like recently which is what i have been ditching all my studies for, entertainment. Mehhh. Anyw, this video has got a pretty saddening story behind it just like #ALAYLM and i purposely choose the one with translated English meanings. Im such a GOOD blogger. HAHAHAHAHAH. Must watch la hor, dont skip ok! Dont think i dont know! :> :> You won't regret!! :*

with luv, xoxo