Sunday, July 29

#59. What goes around comes around

My week passed fast, achieved nothing in life again, given up. Anyway, had fun playing tchoukball on Monday with the girls, felt awesome walking around Jaypee with @smoketoflames like a lost kid after school to relive memories, received my result slip, not exactly a big fan of it and also got my head screwed for always sleeping in class these days. )-: Drama went on in Chinese Garden MRT and the auntie seriously disgrace Singaporean, it was stomp worthy. Shit happened at home during the wee hours in the morning and for the first time in seventeen years of my life I dialed 995 but my first attempt was 911 for who knows why. LOLOLOL. #facepalm #epic Had an awesome All-You-Can-Eat Japanese buffet at OC this afternoon but i didn't manage to get my hands on the icecream!! T_T T_T Anyway, my results are ESBCEU, my rank point was lower than the previous one yet i was suppose to be better than before. #shit #fml Have seriously done a huge amount of mental blogging these days, oh well, life is better when you realise you don't give a fuck anymore. xx

dropped this into my fish noodle. LOLOLOL. #epic
Thankyou Ms Ho! xx

Pretty into weheartit nowadays, with all the prettaye photos that appears all around the internet on sites like facebook / tumblr / blogger etc. They also have an iphone app for it! :-) Total distraction with this app so anyway, follow me there ok!! :* :* posting some photos that i got from there, loving it ~ xx

This is so sexy no matter how many times i view it! *faints*
with love, xoxo.