Sunday, July 22

#58. What do I really want in life?

Hectic week. ): felt as though I learnt nothing in school. Le sighhhh. Skipped tchoukball on Monday due to all the homework that was piling up. The Malay stall auntie cooked two of my favourite dishes on the same day and it was too much a temptation to not get my hands on both, must have gained a lot of weight. :o @racheledberry came back to visit on Friday so snapped a few polaroids and photos with her, memories. ): Been taking too many photos everyday, no wonder my photo album had a mini explosion. Sorry if the photos aren't aligned or so, i suck at everything i do. boooohoooo. Have got a few theme-d post coming up just have to find suitable photos to brighten up the post! :-) ttyl!! :* :*