Sunday, July 15

#57. Just shoot me in the head

I have a dream. I wanna be on the stage and make it big, make it the one that everyone will remember. I wanna see the smile on your face and say she made it, finally made it this far. I believe I can so why don't you too?

I missed blogging by how long? Actually did a post but kept forgetting to post and its two weeks olehdi so shall edit everything. Can't remember all clearly though. Lessons have been boring and things have been pretty bad. Shall not dwell on it anymore and let it be. :-) Spent double Fridays with @smoketoflames @joytoheaven @baobaoen, my favorite three.(≧∇≦)We went online shopping in the library, the feeling of time is money totally suits the computer kiosk at the first level. Love the top shop sneaker @alissaongsq bought. :* :* Had fun in tchoukball session as usual with my awesome few and made me laugh like mad everytime without fail. :-) Did my first EOM draft for PW and screwed up. Suffered from serious headache too often these days that I practically ditch hmwk and sleep at eight. #likeaboss Got back reallyreally atrocious CT results that I can totally just slap myself hard in the face. *bitch slap* In a class of 23, 22 got U for econs, evidence provided below, this is what we call bonded k! HAHAHHAHAHAHHAH. Time to sleeeeeep. Photo spam below my dear!! xx Mwahhhhhh ~