Sunday, July 1

#56. Just chillin'

Quite a lengthy post filled with photos but i doubt anybody still come to this little space, im always just talking to myself, ohwell. Anyway, CT is over! Screwed it in every way possible, shall face the music when i get back the horrendously done papers. Manage to meet my dear bbg @Locklovez @f_cukyou to get my shirt, support @locklovez's blogshop ok!! :-) Its filled with prettaye clothings sold at a very reasonable price! Went to sing on Friday with @AwesomeZiWei @alissaongsq ( she was so very eggciteed ) and gave OM uppsize day a miss. *pouts* Nonetheless, had a great time. :* :*

 two sweethearts  ♥   
AJISEN! ~ *spam love*
no idea what we were doing. LOLOLOLOL.

Met clique at town after tuition, love the four girls, didnt get a photo with @DoubleUPDoubleU though, was too happily eating pastamania. LOL. I gave myself the best seat of the table and guess what, i spotted @edwininja aka Edwin Goh from fighting spiders. Im 100% sure i saw him ok, dont doubt me lehhhhhh! *sobsob*  He was totally dressed in the 'official' town outfit together with his friend. I think he didnt want people to recognise him though but i did. HEHEEHEHEHEH. *twist* Bought nothing at all except food., typical pig sia, fat die olehdi. No wait, bought stickers which are uber cute!! Made a vlog last night due to boredom! No idea why the photos are not displayed properly, sorry i suck la hor. ohwell.

@AwesomeZiWei @HeyItsLihShian @fuzhaorong

collage i did with mua new photo app.
with luv, xoxo.