Sunday, June 24

#53. Dead meat

IM SO DAMN SCREWED. Only studying for CT on the last day of holiday despite planning to study throughout the whole holiday like two bloody months ago. Have to catch up on a shit load of Elasticity and Market Structure or so of Econs. Need to practice like a dozen on APGP which I suck at totally. Had to forgo 4B'11 outing at barrage, miss those jokers loads especially @HetItsLihShian @PhoneNotLagging @JasmineLHQ @LaiFongYin &&& le bff @TINTINNNNNNNNN. T_T T_T Basically everyone was studying for CT so I have to also plus some other reasons like tuition timing and everything. Went to get my bby NEX - F3. Totally a last minute thing and my momise just happily agreed and tadahhhh, went to get the white one at Bugis! Got a vintage casing and spiderman movie tickets as free gift since it costed us $900+ in total. :p :p #likeasuaku PLEASE LET ME DO WELL FOR CT! First time ever I totally have no confidence in any of the papers imma take, zero zero zero. I can only hope for a miracle now.