Wednesday, June 20

#52. Last lap before its over

Last week of holiday. *panic mode on* Haven't studied a single shit and that's reallyreally bad. Had CIP about a week or so ago, had so much fun with S25 and the kids. ♡♡ Went to PPIS to do CIP which is to play games with the kids, everyone had like children phobia after that, once we see kids we siam. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Being teachers are really a tough job. *salute* Went to catch Prometheus at JCube with @smoketoflames @joytoheaven @glkia @dssyzx @absolut_vodkaaa Arifah JinKiat. It's quite a good movie and it made me laugh quite abit due to the actions @smoketoflames @joutoheaven did because they are scared. HAHAHAHAHAHHA. I was technically just eating my popcorn, finished the whole damn thing. OMGOMGOMG, fat. :@ Went for dinner and lepak before heading home. F.Y.I somebody is no longer a KOI virgin. HEHEHEHEHEHE. Went to do some retail therapy with @AwesomeZiWei @alissaongsq yesterday despite the fact that I feel guilty not touching any books and witnessing my 30% fly away. Had pastamania for lunner ( lunch + dinner ). Spent close to the whole day outside but actually only had a three hour shopping trip. LOLOLOLOL. Lepak with sasa around our house area before heading home. My stamina drop already, shop awhile only tired till like old woman. T_T Did a post earlier on too. :-)

Jinkiat's girlf. HEHEHEHEEHEH
no idea if i posted this but still, much love. xoxo.
12S25. xoxo.
All time favourite girl. :*