Wednesday, June 20

#51. STFU

1. I'm bloody hell annoyed by how everything I do or say or tweet about has to be about someone. Can't I just express my feelings or my thoughts with nobody to be based on? Can't it be a song lyric or something I see somewhere? Why must you link up everything together and jump to your own conclusion, you're not all that holy or on high demand and such.

2. I don't see how you guys have to keep asking me about him or what happen in the past or what. There is a damn meaning why it's called the past and when it's over IT'S OVER. If I wanna say I would right, it's my mouth and our problem so who are you to care so much and be an extra, this is way out of your concern area.

3. My thoughts on an incident a month ago or a year ago is different from my thoughts about the same incident now so must I keep updating you on what is going on in my head or what I feel or think every single second? I'm going to say the same thing over and over again so even if you ask a million human beings the answer will still be the same. I only tell people stuff that I want them to know and if you don't know anything, trust me, you're better off that way.

4. Why must I be attached or so to prove to you something that I don't see have any fact to be proven? Because I'm single thus it means I cling onto the past, so that means I still like him and want him back or whatever sort of rubbish you throw to me? I don't see how this all make sense when it's my own relationship status, my own feelings.

5. I know how everyone likes to compare one with the other. I know how something good is always up for grab and the one who took it for granted will be laughed at. I understand he is too good to be true or so but repeating it a million times down the road won't change anything.

6. I do know more than what the eyes alone see and some things that I don't say doesn't mean I don't know but because i believe it's over yet if it appears to you that I'm like a idiot worthy to be laughed at then trust me, you have no idea how much more I know than what I actually should know.

I'm not directing this to anyone but maybe if you just feel that tiny weeny sense of guilt in you for committing just any one of the above, you should really understand that I thank you for your concern and I know you're curious of my life but why is it so hard to just ask me yourself? There is always whereby you can hide your name and all. I won't hide what I want to say but if I don't then I really hope you respect that.

It pissed me off knowing that people care because they just want to be informative or have something to laugh at yet they in fact are actually the ultimate dummy himself/herself.