Wednesday, June 6

#49. Friends?

Those moments whereby you lose all aims in life, have no idea what you are actually doing, trying to just be an attention seeker and gain attention, understand insecurities? Maybe this is life, it's always better when you're alone because who is to judge? Who will try to fit in? Who will understand?

Its a mystery why sometimes we keep friends and pull them in closer but once they get in, everything change. All the backstabbing, all the being nice turned to taking revenge, all the once so simple becomes all time difficult. They forget about you, every single one of them who say they won't, every single one of them who promise to be your listening ear, every single one of them whom you once stood by. Its funny how much things change even though you value them. At least when we didn't value, we got to regret but now what? 

Come only when you need something? Stay around trying to get information out so you will be the know it all? Ditch when you have enough fun? It makes one wonder why, really do wonder why.

First week was honeymoon. Second week was relaxation. Third week was peace. Fourth week and all hell break loose. But what's left have been forgotten. Why did we choose this path when the only thing visible is pricks on every step, thorns on every stem? Its ironic how once bff now hypocrite. No wait, not even BFF. It's only because the introduction to many people and popularity boost.

Questioned why bother being so nice, given the fact normally it doesn't come easy. Don't get how we actually try to not leave people out when it's the truth that we are so oblivious. We often miss the details when looking at the big picture, what's seems beautiful might have rotten on the inside but what's rotten on the outside is still new on the inside. Who ever bothers to ask? Who ever did bothered to even take a second glance without being so overly confidence time and again.

It's hilarious how some sarcasm are twisted into being jokes that are not even funny. Weird enough, when words comes out of a mouth it's suppose to be funny but when the exact same words from another's mouth and it turns all hurtful? How funny can this get.

Remember promises? Those ohya meetup soon but bombbb, got boyf no friends, got other friends forget those who once stood by, got money no honey. So hilarious that despite hating it when people break promises but when being the one who committed such crime, everything is okay no problem. At least cover up the tracks for goodness sake. With the intention to head out, the throne is in your hands but when plead to head out and kill boredom, everything seems like no not of the same level, who is to gain what from it?

Tbh, halfway through this, I have already lost my way because halfway through it all, just wonder why is it that people turn this way to become who they are now just to survive. Just tell me, how many of you actually does such stuff be it with the intention or unknowingly. Doesn't it hurt you if somebody ever does that to you one day?

It's always best to be friends with a television set since it doesn't require you to give anything back in return for being there for you and not hurting you time and again.