Sunday, May 27

#46. One more love song and i will be sick

HEYHEY! Term 2 is OVER! IT'S PARTY BABY! BOUNCE BOUNCE! Hope for retail therapy really soon although this post is only up till Friday. /: Ended school with a GP CT which I screwed up despite seeing the question before. #facepalm Went on 'excursion' on Wednesday but ended up at the wrong venue so headed for KOI and lepak. I actually went out with a monkey , a tree and two pretty babe. :o ( our inside joke ) Anyw, spammed photos!! Ohya, I ate chicken salad with egg mayo in class, I just suddenly have the urge to say. LOL. It was surprisingly delicious alright! :p :p ok, I don't remember anything much about this week, too tired from four hours of retail therapy, stamina dropppp. T_T Didnt even take dinner lo! T_T byebyeee.