Wednesday, May 9

#42. Tinted with cigars

Changed my blog's background and title; best one I can come up with so far. /: school had been ok for the past two days. No hmwk today but noooo, I didn't study when my first paper is like two weeks later. #facepalm Photog hasn't been all that interesting so always looking forward to early dismissal!(^O^)Will blog about a topic soon, have got half the post written but lacking in photos. T_T ohya, plus did I tell you about my results for PR1? H2 Maths : A , H2 Chem : S , H2 Econs : C , H1 GP : D , H1 MT : A , H1 Phy : U , Total : 46.25 (¬_¬) I do good self consolation so I believe it's not bad for the fact is my first test in JC. :p okie, bye now, bedtime!!