Sunday, April 29

#40. Boom shakalaka

I'm not posting about sports meet though, gonna do it when I upload the photos to Facebook but just in case you haven't got the news. OWENS WON OVERALL CHAMPION!!! I'm so damn happy and so proud to be part of the owens family give the fact that we have the least amount of classes and councillors! v ( ^ _ ^ v ) Ok, so my week was pretty nice, kinda tiring though and I totally slacked. :o My study momentum is totally gone. Dahell right!! (。-_-。) Our class is gonna have an CIP soon which i believe will be mad fun!! ^^ Our Thursday's timetable was changed to Friday's but it only made me even busier. #NOTCOOL Attended some talk in school by someone that is supposedly famous or well to do but we fooled around and all, nobody paid attention. Oppsie daisie. @(・●・)@