Thursday, April 26

#39. Happy birthday daddy! ^^

Technically I'm updating this post five days late so I can't really remember what happened but still, I believe it was a good week. (^ν^)@smoketoflames got scared by jk while walking back to class as she was telling me something freaky so she screamed, which this made me jump, plus scream. LOLOLOLOL. #notfunnysia Epic moment because everyone in class heard and laughed. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. (°_°) Had investiture in the hall, which appears to be a damn important event in JJ as compared to JVS, my two girls look damn pretty in heels! :* :* Had the worst PE lesson for the past three months and I died a little, dragging my leg as I walk. #NOJOKE Did a short little drama outside L11 with @keyoonz Shankkar after we sent @RockRebels there, drama outside drama room. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Went to celebrate dad's 51st @ vivo, caught battleship and I'll rate it 4.5/5, great effects and storyline plus really professional actors but I feel that something is still lacking, it's a must watch la okk!! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ I feel that my memory is falling me, I know there is something important but no, I can't remember. #firstworldpain I have seriously gotta blog more frequently from now on. *shake head*