Sunday, April 15

#38. Speech day 2012

HELLLLLO! This week was pretty ok, slept damn late daily though. ): But something good is that there isn't much hmwk given so yeahhh!! Happygirl95!! :* :* Passed my Maths test which is really good but failed my Chem test which is bloody easy given the fact that I know how to solve when asked to redo and ohhya, screwed up Econs test. ψ(`∇´)ψ @smokeroflames must really love me so much that she didn't even fall sick and skip school this week! :p Had photog workshop on Wednesday and it was pretty fun since I got to walk around snapping photos plus sneaked into talentime rehearsal for a moment or two! :-) Our physics teacher is mad cool, he played angry bird in class just to explain to us kinematics, it was reallyreally nice of him you know!! :D Went back for speech day on Friday and met my obasang clan plus guides and some other humans that help build my jvs memories! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ Lepak with @jasminelhq @goldiloxks co. near bbtea, omg bbtea like got memories right, ikr ikr!!! Had a busy weekend. ): cheerios ~

With luv, xoxo.