Saturday, April 7

#37. Jar of hearts

It's been a hell of a two weeeeeeks! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ Sorry of the lack of updates, cant really remember what happened so I shall summarise. :) Have been staying in on Friday nights, too lazy to head over nowadays. (´・_・`) Had a few birthday celebrations last week and sneaked in on a few of Performing Art's Concert's rehearsal. (^ν^)MT lesson was changed into calligraphy lessons which is pretty fun and super slacky, furthermore time pass damn fast like omg ikr!! HEHEHEHEHE! @smoketoflames was sick for like half of the week and so I was #foreveraloneteam. T . T Screwed up most of my tests for this term, like whats new but i should really set my mind on studying hard now, not fooling around 24/7 anymore. le sighhhhhh. ): ): Didn't regret paying for Performing Arts Concert despite watching the rehearsal like twice, i swear its GOOOOOOD! ^_^ Super glad for the long weekends and had an impromptu trip to Malaysia, it's been a long time ya know. :3 Okie, I keep thinking that there is something I must post but I can't remember what, arghhhh, problem with no updating frequent enough. /: SORRRRY! Mwahmwah! :* :*

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With luv, xoxo.