Thursday, March 22

#36. I need a timeout

Hey guys, kinda in a bad/sian/bored/sleepy/pissed off mood now, so i decided to blog. ( ; _ ; ) School was pretty ok, long day. Hope tomorrow will be better or so but still im damn tired, enough with all the crap and bullshit. :( :( How can one stand handling so much rubbish, having all at the same time? Plain zai kia eh you. ( n_n ) Anyw, reached school on the dot. Lectures and tutorial still as boring as ever. MT was slacky but it got ruined with my bad mood. /: I dont get why one must always tell others everything and not keep it a secret? I trusted the wrong people again... Le sighhhhh. Poured out everything to @RattleUrbone_ but yeah, life goes on. T_T Hate chem tutorial cause the tutor forever drag our one and a half hours long lesson to more than two hours just simply because its the last lesson of the day. #NOJOKE #notfunnysia #facepalm Lepak till 6plus. ^_^

With luv, xoxo.