Wednesday, March 21

#35. False accusations

Hey guys!! o(^-^)o Shit happened in school these days. Got super pissed with my CT yesterday which totally ruined my mood yet he had to dig it out again today. t ( - _ - t ) Bitch please. Had a sweetsweet dream though! :$ :$ Some DJs came to JJ and sang for us during our afternoon MT session yesterday, got kicked out for a moment due to my strawberry milkshake #NOJOKE #notfunnysia , which tasted fabulous by the way. \(●⌒∇⌒●)/ *happygirl95* Lepak around till 5+ or so before heading home, daily routine never die. LOLOLOLOL. Got some photos from tumblr to post.(≧∇≦)Don't want to risk scaring you guys with my ugly face. Le sighhhhh.

with luv, xoxo.