Thursday, March 15

#33. I just wanna live my life

Mushimushi!! (=°-°)ノ I failed in uploading my first vlog cause iPhone doesn't allow me to. Le sighhhhh.(†_†) Stayed home for like two days straight trying to complete my work but all I did was nine pages of chem lecture notes, which isn't even funneh lo. …(⊙_⊙;)… Met @AwesomeZiWei for dinner just now. Okie, a bunch of zilian photos coming up, pardon my face. :$ :$ Time for the rest of my homework which technically is everything and also lecture tests that I'm suppose to study for yet I highly doubt I would. ب_ب Bye now, miss me!! :* :*
I really miss those times that I had no worries and not endless homework to complete. I miss shopping, working, partying and just creating happy memories. Maybe I'm just not cut out for JC life. Its like an ongoing war which never stops. But it's a route that i've chosen and a route that I must take. No regrets, well I hope so.

with luv, xoxo.