Sunday, March 11

#31. JJ Road Race 2012

Heyhey!! ☺☺ Bad week good week, it's just how you see it. ت anyway, last week of school before march holidays and there are only three studying days!! *jump* Sad but honestly, I didn't get into sc, it would be a lie if I say I'm not sad but ohwell, let's hope this is a blessing in disguise. ☮☮☮ Wasted wednesday, had fire drill exercise straight after PE with everyone screaming around and all. ikr!! But ended earlier than expected so head to mac with @Dinobub @DR_QUEK @lianaong Joshua YangFan. ♔♔ Road race on Friday was pretty no fun, never knew cross country can be conducted in a neighborhood, I didn't even walked or ran. #orhkcan But still, had fun and all. ^_^ Headed to jvs to get my testimonial before heading home to prepare for OG3 lunch!! :* :* Went to bangala park for Mac and lepak till its about 6? Met @alissaongsq and went to Club July for Chicken Chop. ^ω^ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Waited for the few, met new friends like Roshan Keith, who are really nice people! o(^-^)o Hangout for awhile before heading home, dead beat exhausted. ☹☹ Didn't head out with them ytd due to family dinner, felt bad cause I was the one who kinda initiated it. (・_・、) Had this food hunt thingy today and I woke up at 5 in the morning despite sleeping at 2. #NOJOKE Ok, only posted some of the photos, slightly lazy and they are quite disorganized. ‘(*>﹏<*)′

@alissaongsq with strawberry smoothie. Ohhhla!
Chicken chop, chop chicken. :O

(\ /)
( . .)♥
@smoketoflames's love for me. :$

with luv, xoxo.