Sunday, March 4

#30. Expect the unexpected

HELLO ♡♡ School have been pretty ogay, wait who am I kidding? ☹ School have been god damn tiring that the week past by so quickly. *time flies when you're having fun. NOT* Basically imma summarize okie dokie? Lepak in school everyday till 5+. :p Had hall rally ( ikr, I can't believe it too, what century olehdi ) for sc elections on Wednesday and tbh, it was pretty fun and of course scaring the balls outta me, not that I have any or what. LOLOLOL! Ok, anyw, we did ALL orientation cheers in LN and it made me miss OG3 a lot. ☹☹ Le sighhhhhh. Watched the girl's soccer match against RJ I think, on Thursday, left halfway through. /: Met @AwesomeZiWei for lunch before heading back to jvs on Friday!! *\(^o^)/* Had a nice ending to the week!