Sunday, February 26

#29. OG3 OUTING! ♡.♡

Had an AWESOME time at Marina Barrage with OG3!! o(^_^)o Headed straight to city hall after ben's to meet @A_isAsyraf @runaway_lights @RockRebels @WongDead @@SoooooooohWc @NgSenMian, I was the latest. Alamak. ): Trained to Marina Bay to meet Edrick @DR_QUEK then we waited for Bryan. Waited for bus at the wrong stop so ite, cabbed there with @RockRebels @runaway_lights @WongDead. Got a nice spot and waited for the rest while we set up the kite. ☺☺ Zhe Wei came and brought chewy junior!! *drools* & also @runaway_lights made us sandwiches!! ❤❤ We combined two strings and our kite flew to the max which is really high up but sadly, it got tangled and the string snapped off! *heartache* Lepak around and had girls talk while the guys played frisbee and Edrick made a new bff! :O HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Left the place at about 8. Trained home with @RockRebels @WongDead.

If you're bored right, go visit ok? It's worth it, trust me. :) && to support rockerfellas alrightie? :*


Edrick's candid, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
ZheWei @runaway_lights


The girls.

BFF @DR_QUEK, tio photo bomb by @RockRebels

My move, swag.

Edrick's new BFF

Me photo bombing @DR_QUEK @A_isAsyraf

ZheWei bought it for us!!
18 bucks kite which flew away. ):
The boys!

with luv, xoxo.