Friday, February 24

#28. You've got that one thing

ALOHA!! ☺☺ Did you miss me? :$ :$ Classes these days are damn slack but i got caught for using phone and guess what excuse i used? " i checking time la " when the clock is directly infront. LOL!! Seriously 6.02X 10^23 hating the Chem tutor. :@ Had a great day at school with One Thing & What Makes You Beautiful stuck in my head! :O Did sc campaigning this morning at the grandstand, I believe that we did well!! *thumb up* Intended to meet @HisOwnWorld but couldn't make it so lepak till 4+ for JJ's dramafest which I had to admit is damn shit awesome!! \m/ Had a great laugh while sitting with the ruggers and it's really time well spent. :-) Ok, sleeping like now, mad tired. ): Alot of things running through my mind now and then, le sighhhh.

LiTing!! :* :*

Ding Ren, Sherlyn, Hazel, Li Ting


LiTing w/ JunHao

Class sitting clique

Amos Hazel LiTing Jovann

SC group 4!
Ming Sen, Rachel, Hazel, Xin Yi, Wei Qing, Shankkar

with luv, xoxo