Wednesday, February 22

#27. Stop breaking my heart

Heyhey. ☹☹ I'm really sad this few days so if it affects you ( even though I know it doesn't because I'm a nobody ) then I'm soso sorry. /: Really grateful to LiTing YangFan JunHao @AaronSJH @DR_QUEK @A_isAsyraf Alissa for listening to me rant an everybody else's concern. :* :* I feel damn depressed now and I'm so veryvery dumb. ): It's a crime to not be pretty and have backbone problems, this is how judgmental the world is nowadays. Le sighhhhhh. ): Just recovered from like a damn bad sore throat, was so dying. ☹ Had Asyraf's belated celebration yesterday and I really love OG3 moments. *spam hearts* Sad that I had to leave like immediately for sc. Le sighhhh. ); Ohya, I got into sc election with Alissa Sherlyn Rachel Shankkar WeiQing MingSen. *confetti moments* Preparing for election now is my top priority!! ☺☺☺ #determined Anyway, been in school till 5+ 6 these days, just don't have the feel to go mug. ): Ok, goodnight now, have to rest my eyes and brain plus not forgetting, my heart. :-)