Saturday, February 18

#26. What makes you beautiful

HELLO!! ت been pretty deprived of sleep lately thus I shall keep this short. School have been pretty ok!! :-) Hanging out with S25, gossipping with my LiTing sweetheart, chilling with my @DR_QUEK bff and lepak in school till late. o(^▽^)o Falling asleep lesser and lesser in lectures. *thumbs up* All my tutors are real nice people except for my chem tutor who is super bitchy but happens to be good in teaching. Le sighhhhhh. ): @AwesomeZiWei came over to look for me and passed me a gift plus bbtea!! How sweeeet right!! ♡♡ Slacked around with @kohhuijuan before sc interview on Friday, chatted with @Yolanderrr and lets hope I did well enough to get in!! Bopi bopi ah!! /: /: OG3 got super worried when bff got hurt due to rugby! ): hope @DR_QUEK recovers like now if not I will be super sad. ): *sobsob* Lied to J about clubbing with sasa and I think he believed which is mad hilarious. :p HAHAHAHAHAHA! Rushed down to expo after ben's to shop and visit my JL colleagues at work!! :* Miss them a million!! ☹☹ Took photos with some of them as the rest were busy. :O I miss those memories ok!! T_T I look ugly in my first Polaroid ever!! #heartbreak Bought something for bff. ^_^ Surprisingly, sasa spotted J, reminding me of a damn funny 'secret' I told him. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Went to R's chalet aftermath, ate like a pig and left. :0 okie dokie, given the importan task to chiong tutorials, buhbye now. :*

@GermaineJIEMIN + @gohjielin

@tmnturner + @ernestongch

@xXinYix + KimChye, he says that he miss having me as his partner during work!! AWWWW! :$

Muching on corn as I forced myself to smile and this woman behind back just had to raise up her hand. #orhkcan #notfunnysia

LiTing bestie!! ❤❤

Gift from @yolanderrr for V day! :D

QianWei + Rachel!!

With luv, xoxo.