Tuesday, February 14

#25. Valentine is just another Tuesday

Hey guysss ~ ☺☺ How did you spend your time? :) School was pretty ok but no, I didn't camwhore. ): Enjoying S25 classes together with LiTing and not forgetting OG3!! :* All of my fav JJ humans are in different classes and house but luckily I still have @DR_QUEK. *thumbs up* HAHAHAHAHA!! Anyway, I bet you are wondering how lonely unwanted hazel spent her day right!! Happy to say, I spent today in school and spent the rest of the day chitchatting away with my loves!! *\(^o^)/* Thanks Alissa LiTing @kohhuijuan @Yolanderrr @RockRebels FongYee & Wei Cong for the pressie. ���� Wrote letters only to a few because I was in a rush to complete my Econs work. ): Gonna complete the rest today and erm, well pass to them tmr. ^_^ Gossiped a lot with my OG mates and friends before leaving school around 5+? Totally lepak for 3 hours straight. ^_^ HAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay, i hope all my sweethearts @HeyItsLihShian @DoubleUPdoubleU @AwesomeZiWei @FuZhaoRong @koolgerl95 YunMei @jasminlhq @LaiFongYin @ju_ith @locklovez @f_cukyou @29stephanie @Chheryl @Jiayingxz @UltraRyan @Darylownage Elaine Christine @InsaneOverCars Alissa Haidi MinAung YangFan Aaron Swelwin JunXian @DR_QUEK @runaway_lights @A_isAsyraf @diyanaoh @RockRebels @kohhuijuan Wanyi LiTing Edrick Bryan Zoey Sherlyn Joshua etcetc are able to have a super awesome plus memorable valentine!! Love you guys loads alright! :* Was gonna meet @InsaneOverCars but was kinda busy and all so imma meet him tmr or so i guess. :p Ok, bye now, hmwk to rush! /: Miss me ~ :*

With luv, xoxo.