Sunday, February 12

#24. Curiosity kills the cat

Heyhey!! ☺ I got my timetable already and damn I wish it will be a temporary one. :@ It's totally packed like sardine and I have like two hours break before another lesson? I end class daily either at the mid or late afternoons ya know. #youkiddingme Furthermore, who in the right mind would place PE at 5 in the evening? #yousiao Well, this week is pretty good, crashed around with OG3 and even sneak into each other's lecture. ^_^ I made even more new friends along the way and I have got to admit, this JC life started off even better than Secondary's. HEHHEHEHH!! :$ But I think that the study load is too much for me, totally lost in every Chem Phy Econs GP lesson which are the four most important ones. )-: Totally breaking down. *sigh* I had fun during CCA showcase though, lepak with @kohhuijuan Alissa Sherlyn. ♔ #likeaboss Attended a leadership talk today and I can confirm that the principal speaks at a very slow rate which made me dead a little. LOL. Decided to join sc, yes sc as my CCA, well my portfolio for uni would look nice ya know but now I'm afraid that I can't manage with all the projects, studies and tuition with this stressful timetable. )-: I cheered myself up by snapping a photo of me in the bikila house tee and Alissa in our official full JJ uniform, wanted to take a photo with somebody who still look nice in the sec school uniform but that person was lazy so I took the photo using the 4S instead and saved it!! :p HEHEEHEHEHEHE! :$ Dyed back my black hair and im do not use to it. ): #missyou Sorry for this mad long post, I will try to shut up sooner in future. ☹☹

All of us are suppose to be wearing our JJ uniform from Monday onwards so it means that JC life is seriously starting, there isn't any turning points now so I guess we will just have to persevere and well, we will always remember who was there for us at the start and we will always be there together at the end. :)

Bikila aka bikini. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!

@kohhuijuan ♡♡

Like siao timetable have anot. #notfunnysia

JH gave me his chiochio ACSI badge. Thankyou!! :*

With luv, xoxo